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About me

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Environmental Scientist

UX Designer

You're probably wondering how I got here...

Well, let me explain.

I need to know the why behind everything. I'm always thinking about what drives people to do this, or why does a person react like that. This curiosity resulted in a bookshelf full of psychology books that keep me up at night binge reading. 

The more I learned the "why" behind human actions and reactions, the more empathy I gained. I started applying this knowledge to my work and became a natural problem solver. When I noticed a coworker becoming frustrated with a certain task, I intuitively began troubleshooting how we could mitigate the process and provide a smoother experience together. 


One day as I was scrolling on Facebook, I saw a friend post about their company hiring UX Designers. I had never heard of a "UX designer" so I reached out to learn more. This is when I became intrigued. My curiosity began to spiral again as I began researching everything UX Design. It was almost as if a light switch went off in my brain as I quickly realized this career aligned so well with my personality and passions. Science, design, empathy!? Sign me up!

My next step was figuring out how to acquire the knowledge I need to land a job in this field. That's when I found BrainStation. I graduated with a UX design diploma from BrainStation in April 2022 and I am so excited to get out in the industry and design positive and accessible experiences for users everywhere!


Wanna hear more?


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